Ashley Tallas

First Name: Ashley
Last Name: Tallas
Nationality: Canadian
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Birth Name: Ashley Marie Tallas
Date of Birth: November 5, 1989
Place of Birth: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Height: 5'5"/167 cm

The Corrupted, The Trespassers, The Profane Exhibit

Miss Social Network November 2012

The Corrupted, The Trespassers, Case Study of Zacheriah, "Car Love" commercial for Integra Tire, "Love Your Home" for Century Park Club & Residences'

Hobbies: *

~"Love Your Home" Century Park Club & Residences/2011, dir. Tamara Rosenblum/Mantaray Creative
~"Car Love"- Roxy and I, Integra Tire Commercial/2011, dir. Sorrel Ahlfeld/Geffin Media

~The Corrupted, Lead: Kizzy/2009, dir. Knighten Richman, & John Klappstein/ I’m With Hobo Productions
~Money, “Hot Chick”/2009, dir. Ken Nemetchek/Lightframe Entertainment
~The Pharmacist, Feature Extra/2009, dir. Chester Sit/The Pharmacist Film Company Inc.

~The Trespassers, Supporting: Judith/2012, dir. Grant Smith/Gronith Films & Multimedia Inc Production
~"Manna" The Profane Exhibit, Supporting: Acolyte/2012, dir. Michael Todd Schneider/Harbinger Pictures
~Case Study of Zacheriah, Lead: Officer Athaliah/2010, dir. Melanie Berthelo/Chaleur Films
~The Takedown, Lead Female SWAT/2010, dir. Brett Manyluk & Greg Auch/Movie Prop Services

~Beg For More, Music Video Featured Dancer/2011, dir. David Bates/Tyrant Pictures
~I Can’t Forget Son Dexter, Music Video Featured Dancer/2010, dir. David Bates/Tyrant Pictures
~Elevate Grim Reefer Album, Music Video Dancer/Choreographer/2009, dir. Chester Sit/EmotionL

~The Spirit of Nobility, Experimental Documentary/2010, dir. Murray Jurak/Director General Films
~Aftermath 2, Featured Extra/2009, dir. Christopher Rowley/Quiet Productions
~“I Don’t Care” Caution: May Contain Nuts, Music Video/Emo/Rock/Dancer/2008, dir. Chester Sit/Going Nuts Productions Inc.
~“Reserve Dogs” Caution: May Contain Nuts, Bollywood Music Video/East Indian Dancer/2009, dir. Bruce Perry/Going Nuts Productions Inc.
~“The Generic Song” Caution: May Contain Nuts, Music Video/Club Scene Dancer/2009, dir. Bruce Perry/Going Nuts Productions Inc.
~“Zombie Awards” Caution: May Contain Nuts, Featured Zombie/2009, dir. Bruce Perry/Going Nuts Productions Inc.

~“Father Time is a Bastard, and Mother Nature is a bit of a Bitch!” dir. Ben Babchishin/Hired Gun Productions Inc.
~"Battleground", 7 episodes, Supporting: Nicole/2011, dir. Bill Roberts/Celtic-Raine Productions/Parallax Productions

~"Edmonton" The Musical, Nadia/2011, dir. Cara Albo
~Solitude, Angie Derrant/2007, dir. Grant Pulay'

Small Biography:
Ashley received acclaim for national Canadian commercials; Integra Tire's "Car Love" directed by Sorral Ahlfeld, and Century Park Condominium’s “Love Your Home” as the Bachelorette, directed by Tamara Rosenblum. She is also recognized for her first film “The Corrupted” (2009) where she played the role of Kizzy; a rambunctious, partying tomboy questioning her sexual orientation before the darkness destroys her. In 2010, Ashley starred in "Case Study of Zacheriah" written and directed by Melanie Barthelo, which lead to her 'Acolyte' role in “Manna”, part of “The Profane Exhibit” anthology (2012), and “The Trespassers (2012). She has been referred to as a “scream queen” for her reoccurring roles in horror, thriller, and suspense films. “Elevate” (2009) from the Grim Reefer album, “I Can’t Forget” (2010) by Son Dexter, and “Beg For More” (2011) by Cara Albo are some music videos she is featured in which display some of her dance background.

Also, Ashley has had reoccurring roles in the HPTN television show “Caution: May Contain Nuts” (2008-2009), and the web series “Battleground” (2011).

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