Ashton Kutcher

First Name: Ashton
Last Name: Kutcher
Nationality: American
Full Name: Christopher Ashton Kutcher
Date of Birth: 7.February 1978
Birthplace: Cedar Rapids, Iowa USA
Height: 6'2 (189cm)
Eye Color: Brown - Dark
Hair Color: Brown - Dark
Star Sign: Aquarius

Occupation: Actor, Model, Producer


  • 2011 Happy New Year
  • 2011 Two and a Half Men
  • 2011 Freundschaft Plus
  • 2010 Kiss & Kill
  • 2010 Valentinstag
  • 2009 Gemeinsam stärker - Personal Effects
  • 2009 Spread
  • 2008 Love Vegas
  • 2008 Miss Guided
  • 2006 Boog and Elliot's Midnight Bun Run
  • 2006 Jagdfieber
  • 2006 Jede Sekunde zählt - The Guardian
  • 2006 Bobby - Sie alle hatten einen Traum
  • 1998-2006 Die Wilden 70er
  • 2005 Robot Chicken
  • 2005 So was wie Liebe
  • 2005 Guess who - Meine Tochter kriegst du nicht!
  • 2004 Butterfly Effect
  • 2003 Im Dutzend billiger
  • 2003 Partyalarm
  • 2003 Voll verheiratet
  • 2002 Keine Gnade für Dad
  • 2001 Texas Rangers
  • 2001 Just Shoot Me - Redaktion durchgeknipst
  • 2000 Ey Mann, wo is' mein Auto?
  • 2000 Wild Christmas
  • 2000 Den Einen oder keinen
  • 1999 Coming Soon

Christopher Ashton Kutcher was born on 7.February 1978 in Cedar Rapids, IA, the son of factory workers Diane and Larry
Kutcher. He had a twin brother, Michael, who had cerebral palsy and an emergency heart transplant at the age of 13, as well as an older sister named Tausha. A dedicated athlete, Kutcher was a first-rate football player, but also made time to star in
plays at Washington High School. After his family moved to Tiffin, IA, the Clear Creek-Amana High School student was arrested and convicted of third-degree burglary during his senior year after he and his cousin broke into his school. He received three years of probation and 180 hours of community service for the prank gone awry. His high school troublemaking days led Kutcher to the University of Iowa, where he majored in biochemical engineering, motivated to find a cure for his twin's heart ailment.

His college career seemed like a nonstop party that left him constantly broke, yet Kutcher found several ways to make ends
meet, including donating blood as well as working at a General Mills plant where he swept cereal off the floor. His luck
changed when he was recruited by a modeling agent after being spotted at a local bar and entered in the "Fresh Faces of Iowa" competition, where he won a first place trip to New York City's International Modeling and Talent Association Convention in 1997. Even though he lost the title at the IMTA competition to another future heartthrob - model-turned-actor Josh Duhamel - Kutcher signed a contract with the Next modeling agency in New York, where he modeled for Calvin Klein, Abercrombie & Fitch, and worked the runways of Paris and Milan.