Ayumi Hamasaki  浜崎あゆみ

First Name: Ayumi
Last Name: Hamasaki
Nationality: Japanese
Date of Birth: 02 October 1978
Birthplace: Fukuoka, Japan
Height: 5'1 (157cm)
Weight: 40kg
Eye Color: Brown - Dark
Hair Color: Brown - Light
Star Sign: Libra

Japanese: 浜崎あゆみ

Occupation: Singer
Record Label: Avex Trax

Ayumi was born on the 2nd October in 1978 in Fukuoka Prefecture. Her father left when Ayumi was still a toddler, and since then she hasn’t seen him. Thus Ayumi was left in the care of her grandmother, while her mother worked for the family. Because of her mother’s job, Ayumi grew up in a different environment than most kids of her age did. Her mother couldn’t pick her up from school and she had a rather liberal discipline system. Her mother left her to distinguish what was right and what was wrong and let her walk on her own rules. For these reasons, Hamasaki was an introverted, mature child who preferred to stay on her own.

However due to spending so much time with her grandmother, both formed a close bond together.
During this period of isolation her sole interest was fashion. Hamasaki started modelling merely at the age of seven for a
bank, to help to earn money for her family. During high school she started dyeing her hair and wearing short skirts, which gave her the reputation of being a delinquent. Before making her debut with avex, Hamasaki attempted to enter the entertainment industry in many ways. She moved to Tokyo alone at the age of 14 and took up modelling with the talent agency SOS, but she was considered to be too short to a professional model. She took the entrance exams to Horikishi Gakuen, an entertainment school along with her friends and she ended up to be the only one to fail. Later on she retook the exams and passed. However she ended
up quitting this school, after a short period, along with her modelling career. She would mention how she disliked the attitude of the other female models, which was so selfish and devious to gain more influence in their career.
Ayumi's debut album.

She initiated her acting career, in 1993 with Sun Music. She took up the acting name “Kurumi Hamasaki” and had a few minor roles in some second-rate movies and dramas. Later on Ayumi mentioned how she felt more pressured to do things the correct, rather than helping to build her self-confidence. In 1995, she managed to co-star in two movies with Maki Mochida. She also starred in various commercials. However her acting career was also short-lived. In 1996, Ayumi Hamasaki decided to move away from acting. However she didn’t exactly leave empty handed. She got to know Nagase Tomoya, who was also a newcomer to the entertainment industry and they started dating.

At the same time, Ayumi started to attend a television program “Idol on Stage” and performed various covers. She made her debut with the record label “Nippon Columbia” and released a single and an album. Both were titled “Nothing from Nothing“, where she would claim she was the first Japanese female rapper. Both these releases failed to chart due to virtually no promotion and eventually this lead to her being dropped out of her record label. Ironically enough at this present date, this album is highly sought amongst her fans nowadays and is sold at ridiculously high prices.


  • Love Songs
  • Rock'n'Roll Circus
  • Next Level
  • Guilty
  • Secret
  • Bold & Delicious
  • My Story
  • Carlos
  • Moments
  • No Way to Say
  • Forgiveness
  • And
  • Ballads
  • Rainbow
  • Free & Easy
  • Process
  • I Am
  • Loveppears
  • Best
  • Evolution
  • Duty
  • Monochrome
  • Boys and Girls


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