George Clooney

First Name: George
Last Name: Clooney
Nationality: American
Full Name: George Timothy Clooney
Date of Birth: 06 May 1961
Birthplace: Large Cherries, Kentucky USA
Height: 5'10 (179cm)
Eye Color: Brown Dark
Hair Color: Silver Grey
Star Sign: Taurus

Occupation: Actor

George Timothy Clooney was born on May 6, 1961 in Lexington, Kentucky to his loving parents Nick and Nina Clooney. Nick worked as a local broadcast journalist, and had to move his family
frequently as his career entailed. Because Nick didn't have a great childhood, he made a point to include George and Ada in his life experiences. Frequently he took them to the studio with
him, teaching them the ins and outs of broadcast journalism. Ada, was shy and did not enjoy the limelight. George Clooney on the other hand was a natural. He played a Leprechaun for St.

Patrick's day and the Easter Bunny. Dressing up in the costumes and acting the part so his father could interview him. As he grew George he learned the more technical aspect of television.
Working behind the scenes of his Fathers television show. All though he was raised in the business, he vowed never to enter into it. He had bigger dreams.
George Clooney photoAt the age of 15 he saw the movie "The Pride of the Yankees: That was it for him, he knew what he wanted to do from that point forward. He wanted to play professional
baseball for his beloved Cincinnati Reds.

He dreamt to be just like Lou Gehrig. To have millions of adoring fans in the palm of his hand. The day after watching the movie, he was in church
and started to feel a strange tingling sensation on the left side of his face. Later during lunch, he tried to ignore the feeling in his face but, when he went to take a drink of milk, it
dribbled down his chin as if his face had fallen asleep. His parents took him to the doctor and found out the disturbing news. George was suffering from Bell's palsy, a paralyzing disease
that affects one facial hemisphere.

As a 15 year-old boy he was absolutely horrified. Doctors said that the disease can run its course in a matter of weeks or months, however, the effects
can last years or worse never correct itself. However, because George was the clown that he was, his face already had remarkable elasticity. The disease ran its course and his features were
corrected in a matter of time.
George Clooney attended college in Kentucky, he quickly became bored with it. In his owns words he said "I partied allot, got drunk allot" He drifted about not knowing exactly what he
wanted to do with his life.

He received a call from his cousin Miguel Ferrer. Miguel was in Kentucky filming a movie. He talked George into coming to location to hang out. While on
location, he landed a small role in the film. Miguel said they partied for the whole three months. George suddenly came to the realization that this is what he wanted to do. He had made up
his mind that he was going to move to Hollywood. His parents on the other hand didn't take the news very well. His father kept trying to tell him that he needed to stay in college so that
he would have something to fall back on.

George’s reply was “If I have something to fall back on, then I will” His father explained to him that if this was something he wanted to do he
would have to save the money to move. George proceeded to work various odd jobs, selling women’s shoes, cutting tobacco. He worked hard and finally saved up enough to purchase a beat up
1976 Monte Carlo, (affectionately known as "The Danger Car"). With $300 in his pocket he took off for his Aunt Rosemary's home in Hollywood. The agreement he had with his aunt was that
while he lived there he would earn his keep by completing small jobs. He did not enjoy completing the assigned tasks when asked and soon Rosemary caught him. Apparently she asked him to
paint a fence for her. George playing a type of Huck Finn role in real life, painted the side of the fence she could see from her window. This did not go over well and he moved out.


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