Mina Mendes

First Name: Mina
Last Name: Mendes
Nationality: German
Ethnicity: Syrian
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Date of Birth: 23 November 1988
Height: 5'7
Measurements: Bust-35 Waist-24 Hips-35
Dress Size: 34
Shoe Size: 6,5

Splendide Models Berlin
Lemon Models Nürnberg

Pro 7
Alexandra Skolowski
ABC-Design Campagne
Vogt & Käfer,
Hugo Boss
Pepe Jeans
Hot Volee Couture
Jung Designer Mannheim
Miss Syria 2009
Mini Cooper
Miss Custombike
MIss Martianamericans

Miss Syria 2009
Hugo Boss
Queen of Catwalk
Miss Custombike
Miss Martianamerican
Mini Cooper
Hot Volee
Pepe Jeans

TV Shows:
Pro 7, Vox, Sat 1

Hobbies: Fitness

VOX-doku soap
Mini Cooper (Autohaus) Shooting
Kalender Shooting für Firma Vogt und Käfer etc…

Mina Mendes (born on November 23) is a Syrian model living in Germany. Her career started in 2008, as a photographer approached her at a Test-Shooting. Since then she has been unstoppable. With her exotic beauty, natural charm and easy-going personality, Mina has been able to cultivate her talents into a successful career. In 2009, she was crowned "queen of Syria", which allowed her to compete at the "Queen of the World" Competition in 2009. This pageant gave her the exposure to be asked to appear on many TV programs such as TV Total on Pro7.

Personal Interests include:

References: Mina Mendes has appeared on the following major German television networks:RTL, ARD, Sat.1, VOX and Pro7. She has also worked with Mini Cooper, Pepe Jeans, Hot Volee Couture, Stelio, ABC-Design and Alexandra Skolowski.

Mina Mendes has been awarded the titles of "Queen of Syria", "Miss Custombike" and "Miss Martianamericans"


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