Sandy Mölling

First Name: Sandy
Last Name: Mölling (Moelling)
Nationality: German
Date of Birth: 27.April 1981
Birthplace: Wuppertal North Rhine-Westphalia Germany
Height: 5´1 (159cm)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Star Sign: Taurus

Profession: Moderators, Singer

Sandy was born on 27 Mölling Born April 1981 in Wuppertal. Early on she dreamed of a career as a singer. RTL2 in 2000/2001 as the talent show "Popstars" calls into being, she sees her chance and participates. With a great voice and lots of sex appeal she made it to the finals and win. Thus, the girls band "No Angels" was born - consisting of Vanessa Petruo, Sandy Mölling,

Nadja Benaissa, Lucy and Jessica Wahls Diakovska. After the 5 girls separated in 2003, they stand today as No Angels on stage, but without Vanessa.