Savanna Sievers 

First Name: Savanna
Last Name: Sievers
Nationality: Italian
Date of Birth: 23.April 1999
Place of Birth: Catania, Sizilien, Italy
Hair Color: Darkblond
Eye Color: Brown
Measurements: (US) 40-27-41 ; (EU) 99-68-104
Height: 5'8 : 170cm
Dress Size: (US) 10 ; (EU) 40
Shoe Size: (US) 8 ; (EU) 39

Savanna Sievers is a plus size model.
Savanna Sievers has tattoos on her body.
Savanna Sievers uses the nickname on Instagram (soosavyy).
Savanna Sievers has no Facebook or Twitter.

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